Prioritisation Feedback and data isn’t hard to get, but organising and prioritising feedback often is.

  • Have a clear method for prioritisation. Having a clear prioritisation method can help you to defend the decisions you have made in your product roadmap. This is likely to change as your product develops (which is okay!) You should be able to use your prioritisation methods to explain why you have made the decisions you have.

  • Don’t prioritise in isolation. Prioritisation should be a team exercise. Your colleagues/partners will have useful insights into your users, the market, feasibility and risk.

  • Share your prioritisation. Make sure the team knows what you are prioritising and why.

Questions to ask when prioritising

  • What assumptions do we want to test first? ​

  • What are the learning objectives that are most important to achieve?

  • Why? What value will it bring to X user? What value will it bring to the organisation?

Exercises for prioritisation

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