Interview tips

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Interview tips

  • Understand the product before the interview

  • Have your sales pitch – show your story

  • Be short and concise with your answers – condense user stories into a short summary

  • Link the scenario to the outcome – so what? What happened even if it failed?

  • Don’t go into an interview saying I would do X changes to your product, and not adapting from this when they tell you more. They will have already had these discussions. Explore why X decision was made.

  • 60% is about your experience in product management, 40% selling yourself (your pitch, your network)

  • Learn about UX research and analytics to help support your role

  • Build up a product portfolio of products. Many do this through work experience, hackathons or volunteering

  • What is your roadmap? When are we going to get to X point with the product?

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