Product vision and strategy

Product vision

A basis for every good product is a convincing vision for the future you aim to create and the objectives for the organisation. This should not be limited by the current working practices and structures, but should strive to be what is needed to meet the goals of the user and the company.

The Product vision describes the long-term goal of a Product and what it aims to achieve for users. Think of it as the mission statement for your product.

How to write a good product vision:

Product strategy

Product vision and product strategy are similar, but they are separate things. Your vision should focus on what you want your product to achieve. Your product strategy explains how you will make that vision a reality.

Your product strategy should not be limited by the current structures and practices. If it requires radical change, then you should be working to make this happen.

Example: Think about when you build IKEA furniture. The outside of the box has a picture of your product — that’s your product vision. When you open the box, there are step-by-step instructions inside of how to build it — that’s your product strategy. - by Productboard

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